Worldkings Bonus

Make your first deposit to RedKings with bonus code "worldkings". You will then get a 5 step bonus of 900 points where the first step will give you a free football shirt and the other steps will give you €100 each. You have 90 days time to clear this bonus. The deposit amount does not matter.


*Terms for the WorldKings bonus*

  • The bonus is paid in 5 steps where each step requires 900 points to clear.
  • The first step is a 92 Euro gift voucher to The voucher can be used on any product at SP + delivery. If your purchase + delivery go over the value of the voucher, you will be responsible for any additional cost.
  • The other 4 steps will be a €100 cash bonus and you have 90 days time to clear the bonus.
  • When you have cleared the bonus, please contact with your username. We will then give you the gift voucher code.
  • reserves the right to exclude any player from this bonus for any reason.
  • All football shirts are subject to availability of our supplier
  • The delivery is according to the delivery rules of our supplier