Universal Championship of Poker

September 10th – 24th

Great poker players live among us across the globe and as an online poker player, you often don’t get the recognition of your achievements that you deserve.

That’s about to change in a BIG WAY!

With the Universal Championship of Poker and €750,000 in guaranteed prizes, NOW is your chance to earn money and the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2017 trophy.

Date Time GMT Name Buy in Format Guarantee
10/09/201714:00UCOP Event #1€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€5,000
10/09/201715:00UCOP Event #2€100 + €10NLH Freezeout€15,000
10/09/201716:00UCOP Event #3€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€10,000
10/09/201716:30UCOP Event #4€125 + €10NLH Freezeout€20,000
10/09/201717:00UCOP Event #5€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€15,000
10/09/201717:30UCOP Event #6€200 + €15NLH Freezeout€25,000
10/09/201720:00UCOP Event #7€50 + €5NLH Freezeout€7,500
11/09/201717:00UCOP Event #8€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
11/09/201718:00UCOP Event #9€100 + €10NLH Freezeout€15,000
11/09/201719:00UCOP Event #10€50 + €5PLO Freezeout€5,000
12/09/201717:00UCOP Event #11€30 + €3NLHE Rebuy€15,000
12/09/201718:00UCOP Event #12€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€5,000
12/09/201719:00UCOP Event #13€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€10,000
13/09/201717:00UCOP Event #14€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
13/09/201718:00UCOP Event #15€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
13/09/201719:00UCOP Event #16€30 + €3NLHE Bounty€7,500
14/09/201717:00UCOP Event #17€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
14/09/201718:00UCOP Event #18€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€15,000
14/09/201719:00UCOP Event #19€10 + €1NLHE Monster Rebuy€7,500
15/09/201717:00UCOP Event #20€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€5,000
15/09/201718:00UCOP Event #21€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€10,000
15/09/201719:00UCOP Event #22€30 + €3NLHE 1R/1A€10,000
16/09/201716:00UCOP Event #23€10 + €1NLHE 1R/1A€5,000
16/09/201717:00UCOP Event #24€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
16/09/201718:00UCOP Event #25€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€10,000
16/09/201719:00UCOP Event #26€50 + €5NLHE Bounty€5,000
17/09/201714:00UCOP Event #27€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€5,000
17/09/201715:00UCOP Event #28€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
17/09/201716:00UCOP Event #29€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€10,000
17/09/201716:30UCOP Event #30€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€25,000
17/09/201717:00UCOP Event #31€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€20,000
17/09/201717:30UCOP Event #32€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€30,000
17/09/201720:00UCOP Event #33€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500
18/09/201717:00UCOP Event #34€30 + €3NLHE Rebuy€15,000
18/09/201718:00UCOP Event #35€100 + €10PLO Freezeout€15,000
18/09/201719:00UCOP Event #36€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500
19/09/201717:00UCOP Event #37€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€5,000
19/09/201718:00UCOP Event #38€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
19/09/201719:00UCOP Event #39€30 + €3NLHE Bounty€7,500
20/09/201717:00UCOP Event #40€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
20/09/201718:00UCOP Event #41€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
20/09/201719:00UCOP Event #42€30 + €3NLHE Turbo€7,500
21/09/201717:00UCOP Event #43€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
21/09/201718:00UCOP Event #44€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€15,000
21/09/201719:00UCOP Event #45€10 + €1NLHE 1R/1A€5,000
22/09/201717:00UCOP Event #46€10 + €1PLO8 Rebuy€5,000
22/09/201718:00UCOP Event #47€100 + €10NLHE Bounty€10,000
22/09/201719:00UCOP Event #48€30 + €3NLHE 1R/1A€10,000
23/09/201716:00UCOP Event #49€10 + €1NLHE 1R/1A€5,000
23/09/201717:00UCOP Event #50€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
23/09/201718:00UCOP Event #51€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€10,000
23/09/201719:00UCOP Event #52€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500
24/09/201714:00UCOP Event #53€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€7,500
24/09/201715:00UCOP Event #54€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€20,000
24/09/201716:00UCOP Event #55€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€10,000
24/09/201716:30UCOP Event #56€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€35,000
24/09/201717:00UCOP Event #57€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€20,000
24/09/201717:30UCOP Main Event€300 + €20NLHE Freezeout€75,000
24/09/201720:00UCOP Event #58€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500

The Greatest Poker Player in the Universe

A €10,000 leaderboard will track your progress throughout the Universal Championship of Poker.

Win it, and you’ll take home €5,000 in cash and the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2017 trophy.

Leaderboard points for each UCOP event are calculated using the formula: Tournament buy-in amount * (total entrants / your finishing place in the tournament)

The Greatest Poker Player in the Universe Leaderboard Prizes

1st €5,000
and the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe trophy
2nd €2,000
3rd €1,000
4th €700
5th €500
6th €200
7th €100
8th - 10th €70
11th - 15th €40
16th - 20th €20

Check the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe Leaderboard HERE

Great Poker Players (stream for points)

Great players don’t just play poker. They live and breathe it. They share it with their friends and family. They contribute to the game and grow it for others. They are also great representatives of the game.

That’s why there is an additional €5,000 leaderboard for those players who stream their play during the series on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live.

Points are awarded for the Great Players Leaderboard as follows:

Each event streamed = 100 points

  • Players must tweet @ThrillOfPoker with a link to their stream.
  • Player’s poker alias and poker room must be clearly visible.
  • Stream must be publicly accessible worldwide.
  • Recorded stream must be accessible after the event has completed.

Most interesting daily stream = 250 points

  • Awarded at the network’s discretion, the player with the most thrilling stream each day of the series will win 250 points. The award may be given to the player with the best commentary, highest quality stream, best promotional gimmick, or anything else deemed to contribute to an exciting stream by MPN management.

Final table bonus = 50 points

  • Awarded to players who stream a final table and can be won once per each event final table streamed.

Great Players Leaderboard Prizes

1st €2,000
2nd €1,000
3rd €750
4th €500
5th €300
6th €200
7th €100
8th €75
9th €50
10th €25

Check the Great Players Leaderboard HERE

Terms and conditions

  1. The promotion runs from September 10th until September 24th.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel or amend any instance of any network tournament at any time.
  3. No alternative prizes will be offered.
  4. You may not create more than one account at Redkings. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.
  5. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.
  6. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
  7. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and RedKings Terms and Conditions also apply.
  8. Only Events 1 to 58 and the Main Event of the Universal Championship of Poker count towards the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe leaderboard and the Great Players leaderboard. For the sake of clarity, no satellites count towards the leaderboard.
  9. A player can receive a maximum of 10,000 points from any one event on the "Greatest Poker Player in the Universe" leaderboard
  10. Because there can only be one Greatest Poker Player in the Universe, in case of a tie for first place, the winner will be the player who won most money in UCOP. In case there is a tie for any other leader board position, the prizes will be divided equally amount the tied players.
  11. Because great players make their opponents welcome, if you use the chat to abuse your opponents at any time during UCOP, you may be disqualified from the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe and/or the Great Players promotion.
  12. If you win the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe title, you consent to MPN and your poker room to use of your real name, location (city/country), likeness, and other publicly available information about you. The aforementioned items may be used in any media for marketing and publicity campaigns relating to UCOP.
  13. Leaderboard prizes will be awarded by 23:59 GMT on 2 October 2017.
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