UCOP Passport Tournament Series

13th January – 10th February

Pack your bags... It's time to travel!

The Universal Championship of Poker has returned with €500,000 in guarantees and a great opportunity to travel around Europe with the MPN Poker Tour.

Not too much money into the travel fund jar? Then the UCOP Mini is for you!

Running from 13th January to 27th January, the schedule for the UCOP Mini has the same format as the UCOP Passport, with buy-ins and guarantees 1/10th the size.

Date Time GMT Name Buy in Format Guarantee
13/01/201915:00UCOP Mini Event #1€1.10NLH Monster Rebuy€500
13/01/201916:00UCOP Mini Event #2€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,000
13/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #3€0.55NLH Rebuy€500
13/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #4€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,500
13/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #5€2.20NLH Rebuy€1,500
13/01/201920:00UCOP Mini Event #6€5.50NLH Super Bounty€750
14/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #7€1.10NLH Deepstack Freezeout€250
14/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #8€2.20NLH 1R/1A€500
14/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #9€22.00NLH Freezeout€1,000
15/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #10€5.50NLH Deepstack Freezeout€750
15/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #11€0.55NLH Super Bounty Rebuy€100
15/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #12€1.10NLH 1R/1A€300
16/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #13€0.55PLO Deepstack Freezeout€100
16/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #14€11.00NLH Booster€1,000
16/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #15€2.20NLH Rebuy€1,000
17/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #16€3.30NLH Deepstack Freezeout€750
17/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #17€11.00NLH Super Bounty€1,000
17/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #18€0.55NLH Freezeout€100
18/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #19€11.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€1,000
18/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #20€2.20NLH Rebuy€1,000
18/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #21€5.50NLH Turbo Freezeout€500
19/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #22€1.10NLH Deepstack Freezeout€250
19/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #23€5.50PLO 1R/1A€500
19/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #24€2.20NLH Booster€500
20/01/201915:00UCOP Mini Event #25€2.20PLO Rebuy€400
20/01/201916:00UCOP Mini Event #26€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,000
20/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #27€0.55NLH Rebuy€500
20/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #28€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,500
20/01/201918:30UCOP Mini Event #29€2.20NLH Rebuy€1,500
20/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #30€1.10NLH Super Bounty Rebuy€500
20/01/201920:00UCOP Mini Event #31€5.50NLH Turbo Freezeout€500
21/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #32€0.55NLH Deepstack Freezeout€150
21/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #33€2.20NLH Rebuy€1,000
21/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #34€11.00NLH Booster€1,000
22/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #35€2.20NLH Deepstack Freezeout€500
22/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #36€1.10PLO Booster€150
22/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #37€5.50NLH Turbo Freezeout€500
23/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #38€1.10NLH Deepstack Freezeout€250
23/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #39€2.20NLH Super Bounty€500
23/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #40€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,000
24/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #41€3.30NLH Deepstack Freezeout€750
24/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #42€1.10NLH Rebuy€500
24/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #43€11.00NLH Super Bounty€1,000
25/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #44€2.20NLH Deepstack Freezeout€500
25/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #45€3.30NLH Rebuy€1,000
25/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #46€11.00NLH 1R/1A€1,000
26/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Event #47€1.10NLH Deepstack Freezeout€250
26/01/201918:00UCOP Mini Event #48€5.50NLH Freezeout€500
26/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #49€3.30NLH Booster€500
27/01/201915:00UCOP Mini Event #50€1.10PLO Rebuy€250
27/01/201916:00UCOP Mini Event #51€0.55NLH Rebuy€500
27/01/201917:00UCOP Mini Main Event€11.00NLH Freezeout€5,000
27/01/201918:00UCOP Mini High Roller€32.00NLH Freezeout€3,000
27/01/201918:30UCOP Mini Event #54€2.20NLH Rebuy€1,500
27/01/201919:00UCOP Mini Event #55€5.50NLH 1R/1A€1,250
27/01/201920:00UCOP Mini Event #56€2.20NLH Super Turbo Rebuy€750
27/01/201915:00UCOP Passport Event #1€11.00NLH Monster Rebuy>€5,000
27/01/201916:00UCOP Passport Event #2€110.00NLH Freezeout€10,000
27/01/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #3€5.50NLH Rebuy€5,000
27/01/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #4€110.00NLH Freezeout€15,000
27/01/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #5€22.00NLH Rebuy€15,000
27/01/201920:00UCOP Passport Event #6€55.00NLH Super Bounty€7,500
28/01/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #7€11.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€2,500
28/01/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #8€22.00NLH 1R/1A€5,000
28/01/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #9€215.00NLH Freezeout€10,000
29/01/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #10€55.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€7,500
29/01/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #11€5.50NLH Super Bounty Rebuy€1,000
29/01/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #12€11.00NLH 1R/1A€3,000
30/01/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #13€5.50PLO Deepstack Freezeout€1,000
30/01/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #14€110.00NLH Booster€10,000
30/01/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #15€22.00NLH Rebuy€10,000
31/01/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #16€33.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€7,500
31/01/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #17€110.00NLH Super Bounty€10,000
31/01/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #18€5.50NLH Freezeout€1,000
01/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #19€110.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€10,000
01/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #20€22.00NLH Rebuy€10,000
01/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #21€55.00NLH Turbo Freezeout€5,000
02/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #22€11.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€2,500
02/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #23€55.00PLO 1R/1A€5,000
02/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #24€22.00NLH Booster€5,000
03/02/201915:00UCOP Passport Event #25€22.00PLO Rebuy€4,000
03/02/201916:00UCOP Passport Event #26€110.00NLH Freezeout€10,000
03/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #27€5.50NLH Rebuy€5,000
03/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #28€215.00NLH Freezeout€15,000
03/02/201918:30UCOP Passport Event #29€22.00NLH Rebuy€15,000
03/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #30€11.00NLH Super Bounty Rebuy€5,000
03/02/201920:00UCOP Passport Event #31€55.00NLH Turbo Freezeout€5,000
04/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #32€5.50NLH Deepstack Freezeout€1,500
04/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #33€22.00NLH Rebuy€10,000
04/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #34€110.00NLH Booster€10,000
05/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #35€22.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€5,000
05/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #36€11.00PLO Booster€1,500
05/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #37€55.00NLH Turbo Freezeout€5,000
06/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #38€11.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€2,500
06/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #39€22.00NLH Super Bounty€5,000
06/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #40€110.00NLH Freezeout€10,000
07/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #41€33.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€7,500
07/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #42€11.00NLH Rebuy€5,000
07/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #43€110.00NLH Super Bounty€10,000
08/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #44€22.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€5,000
08/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #45€33.00NLH Rebuy€10,000
08/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #46€110.00NLH 1R/1A€10,000
09/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Event #47€11.00NLH Deepstack Freezeout€2,500
09/02/201918:00UCOP Passport Event #48€55.00NLH Freezeout€5,000
09/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #49€33.00NLH Booster€5,000
10/02/201915:00UCOP Passport Event #50€11.00PLO Rebuy€2,500
10/02/201916:00UCOP Passport Event #51€5.50NLH Rebuy€5,000
10/02/201917:00UCOP Passport Main Event€110.00NLH Freezeout€50,000
10/02/201918:00UCOP Passport High Roller€320.00NLH Freezeout€30,000
10/02/201918:30UCOP Passport Event #54€22.00NLH Rebuy€15,000
10/02/201919:00UCOP Passport Event #55€55.00NLH 1R/1A€12,500
10/02/201920:00UCOP Passport Event #56€22.00NLH Super Turbo Rebuy€7,500

A leaderboard will run across all events with €10,000 worth of prizes.

Finish first on the UCOP Passport Leaderboard and you’ll take home:

  1. Three MPN Poker Tour packages worth €4,500
  2. A €550 Online Tournament tickets package

Each MPNPT package includes entry into the main event and one side event, accommodation for yourself and a guest plus cash for travel expenses.

BUY-IN: Buy-in for R/A tournaments =
Prizepool / Entrants
ENTRANTS: Total number of the tournament participants
POSITION: Final placing
FINAL TABLE BONUS: A bonus multiplier is applied to your leaderboard points for a tournament if you finish on the final table according to the table below:
1st 1.5
2nd 1.45
3rd 1.4
4th 1.35
5th 1.3
6th 1.25

UCOP Passport Leaderboard PRIZES

1st 3 x Packages worth €4,500 to join us at our MPN Poker Tour festivals in 2019 plus 1 x Online Tournament tickets package worth €550 (2 x €110, 3 x €55, 5 x €22, 5 x €11 tickets)
2nd 1 x Package worth €1,500 to join us at any MPN Poker Tour festival in 2019
3rd 1 x Package worth €1,500 to join us at any MPN Poker Tour festival in 2019
4th 1 x Main Event Seat worth €550 to join us at any MPN Poker Tour festival in 2019 OR 1 x Online Tournament tickets package worth €550 (2 x €110, 3 x €55, 5 x €22, 5 x €11 tickets)
5th Online Tournament tickets package worth €330 (1 x €110, 2 x €55, 3 x €22, 4 x €11 tickets)
6th Online Tournament tickets package worth €220 (1 x €110, 2 x €55 tickets)
7 - 11th €110 Online Tournament ticket
12 - 16th €55 Online Tournament ticket
17 - 20th €22 Online Tournament ticket

Check the €10,000 UCOP Passport Leaderboard HERE

Tournament of Champions

Be the best of the best! Win any UCOP Passport event and you will qualify to play the Tournament of Champions at 18:00 on the 17th February 2019 which will reward one MPN Poker Tour package worth €1,500.

T&C's Below Apply, BeGambleAware.org, 18+

Terms and conditions

  1. The promotion runs from 00:01 on the 13th January 2019 and will run until 23:59 on the 10th of February 2019.
  2. All times listed are in GMT.
  3. The UCOP Mini tournaments DO NOT count towards the €10,000 UCOP Passport Leaderboard.
  4. The UCOP Mini tournaments DO NOT qualify players for the UCOP Passport Tournament of Champions.
  5. Cash alternatives to the MPN Poker Tour Packages ONLY for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize winners from the €10,000 UCOP Passport Leaderboard are available as follows:
    1. For the winner of the 1st Prize, the winner may request a cash alternative to the value of €2,250.
    2. For the winners of the 2nd and 3rd Prizes, the winners may request a cash alternative of €750.
  6. You can earn only 1 ticket for the UCOP Passport Tournament of Champions at 18:00 on 17th February 2019 if you win at least one UCOP Passport event. If you win 2 or more events, you will get double, triple etc. your starting chip stack. The winner of the tournament will win one MPN Poker Tour package worth €1,500.
  7. We reserve the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.
  8. The decision of Redkings regarding any aspect of the Promotion is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel or amend any instance of any network tournament at any time.
  10. No alternative prizes will be offered.
  11. You may not create more than one account at Redkings. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.
  12. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.
  13. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
  14. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and RedKings Terms and Conditions also apply.
  15. In case of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Promotion the meaning of the English Language version shall prevail.
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