The Classic

The Classic

January 28th – February 25th

The Classic tournament series is back in 2018 with €500,000 guaranteed and a once in a lifetime trip to Monaco worth €10,000 for one Classic Champion.

The Mini Classic tournaments run from January 28th – February 11th.

Buy-ins are as low as €0.50 have €45,000 in guaranteed prizes.

Date Time GMT Name Buy in Format Guarantee
28/01/201815:00The MiniClassic Event #1€1.106 Max NLH Monster Rebuy€1,000
28/01/201816:00The MiniClassic Event #2€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,000
28/01/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #3€0.55NLH Monster Rebuy€500
28/01/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #4€11.00NLH Freezeout€1,500
28/01/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #5€2.20NLH R/A€1,500
28/01/201820:00The MiniClassic Event #6€5.50NLH Bounty€750
29/01/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #7€1.10NLH 1R/1A€500
29/01/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #8€3.30NLH Freezeout€500
29/01/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #9€22.00NLH 6 Max Freezeout€2,000
30/01/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #10€1.10NLH 6 Max Freezeout€200
30/01/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #11€0.55NLH Survivor€100
30/01/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #12€2.20NLH R/A€750
31/01/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #13€5.50NLHE Freezeout€300
31/01/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #14€11.00NLH 6 Max Freezeout€750
31/01/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #15€2.20NLH 1R/1A€750
01/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #16€1.10NLH Monster Rebuy€750
01/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #17€11.00NLH Bounty€1,000
01/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #18€0.55NLH 6 Max Freezeout€100
02/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #19€1.10PLO R/A€500
02/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #20€2.20NLH R/A€1,000
02/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #21€5.50NLH Freezeout€500
03/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #22€0.55NLH 1R/1A€200
03/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #23€5.50NLH 6 Max Freezeout€400
03/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #24€2.20NLH 6 Max Freezeout€300
04/02/201815:00The MiniClassic Event #25€2.20NLH Freezeout€400
04/02/201816:00The MiniClassic Event #26€11.00NLH 6 Max Freezeout€1,000
04/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #27€0.55NLH Monster Rebuy€750
04/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #28€22.00NLH Freezeout€2,000
04/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #29€1.10NLH R/A€750
04/02/201820:00The MiniClassic Event #30€5.50NLH Freezeout€500
05/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #31€1.10NLH Bounty€200
05/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #32€2.20NLH R/A€1,000
05/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #33€11.00NLH 6 Max Freezeout€1,000
06/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #34€0.55NLH Monster Rebuy€250
06/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #35€1.10NLH Survivor€150
06/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #36€5.50NLH 6 Max Freezeout€500
07/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #37€1.10NLH 1R/1A€600
07/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #38€2.20NLH 6 Max Freezeout€350
07/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #39€11.00NLH 6 Max Freezeout€1,000
08/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #40€3.30NLH 6 Max Freezeout€500
08/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #41€2.20NLH R/A€1,000
08/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #42€11.00NLH Bounty€1,000
09/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #43€1.10PLO R/A€500
09/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #44€3.30NLH R/A€1,000
09/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #45€11.00NLH 6 Max Freezeout€1,000
10/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event #46€1.10NLH 1R/1A€500
10/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event #47€5.50NLH Freezeout€500
10/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #48€3.30NLH 6 Max Freezeout€300
11/02/201815:00The MiniClassic Event #49€2.20NLH 6 Max Freezeout€400
11/02/201816:00The MiniClassic Event #50€0.55NLH Monster Rebuy€750
11/02/201817:00The MiniClassic Event Main Event€11.00NLH Freezeout€5,000
11/02/201818:00The MiniClassic Event Hi Roller€33.00NLH Freezeout€3,000
11/02/201819:00The MiniClassic Event #51€2.20NLH R/A€1,500
11/02/201820:00The MiniClassic Event #52€5.50NLH Bounty€750

The Classic Main Events run from February 11th – 25th and will have a total of €450,000 guaranteed prizes.

Date Time GMT Name Buy in Format Guarantee
11/02/201815:00The Classic Event #1€11NLH Monster Rebuy€10,000
11/02/201816:00The Classic Event #2€110NLH Freezeout€10,000
11/02/201817:00The Classic Event #3€5.50NLH Monster Rebuy€5,000
11/02/201818:00The Classic Event #4€110NLH Freezeout€15,000
11/02/201819:00The Classic Event #5€22NLH R/A€15,000
11/02/201820:00The Classic Event #6€55NLH Bounty€7,500
12/02/201817:00The Classic Event #7€11NLH 1R/1A€5,000
12/02/201818:00The Classic Event #8€33NLH Freezeout€5,000
12/02/201819:00The Classic Event #9€215NLH 6 Max Freezeout€20,000
13/02/201817:00The Classic Event #10€11NLH 6 Max Freezeout€2,000
13/02/201818:00The Classic Event #11€5.50NLH Survivor€1,000
13/02/201819:00The Classic Event #12€22NLH R/A€7,500
14/02/201817:00The Classic Event #13€55NLHE Freezeout€3,000
14/02/201818:00The Classic Event #14€110NLH 6 Max Freezeout€7,500
14/02/201819:00The Classic Event #15€22NLH 1R/1A€7,500
15/02/201817:00The Classic Event #16€11NLH Monster Rebuy€7,500
15/02/201818:00The Classic Event #17€110NLH Bounty€10,000
15/02/201819:00The Classic Event #18€5.50NLH 6 Max Freezeout€1,000
16/02/201817:00The Classic Event #19€11PLO R/A€5,000
16/02/201818:00The Classic Event #20€22NLH R/A€10,000
16/02/201819:00The Classic Event #21€55NLH Freezeout€5,000
17/02/201817:00The Classic Event #22€5.50NLH 1R/1A€2,000
17/02/201818:00The Classic Event #23€55NLH 6 Max Freezeout€4,000
17/02/201819:00The Classic Event #24€22NLH 6 Max Freezeout€3,000
18/02/201815:00The Classic Event #25€22NLH Freezeout€4,000
18/02/201816:00The Classic Event #26€110NLH 6 Max Freezeout€10,000
18/02/201817:00The Classic Event #27€5.50NLH Monster Rebuy€7,500
18/02/201818:00The Classic Event #28€215NLH Freezeout€20,000
18/02/201819:00The Classic Event #29€11NLH R/A€7,500
18/02/201820:00The Classic Event #30€55NLH Freezeout€5,000
19/02/201817:00The Classic Event #31€11NLH Bounty€2,000
19/02/201818:00The Classic Event #32€22NLH R/A€10,000
19/02/201819:00The Classic Event #33€110NLH 6 Max Freezeout€10,000
20/02/201817:00The Classic Event #34€5.50NLH Monster Rebuy€2,500
20/02/201818:00The Classic Event #35€11NLH Survivor€1,500
20/02/201819:00The Classic Event #36€55NLH 6 Max Freezeout€5,000
21/02/201817:00The Classic Event #37€11NLH 1R/1A€6,000
21/02/201818:00The Classic Event #38€22NLH 6 Max Freezeout€3,500
21/02/201819:00The Classic Event #39€110NLH 6 Max Freezeout€10,000
22/02/201817:00The Classic Event #40€33NLH 6 Max Freezeout€5,000
22/02/201818:00The Classic Event #41€22NLH R/A€10,000
22/02/201819:00The Classic Event #42€110NLH Bounty€10,000
23/02/201817:00The Classic Event #43€11PLO R/A€5,000
23/02/201818:00The Classic Event #44€33NLH R/A€10,000
23/02/201819:00The Classic Event #45€110NLH 6 Max Freezeout€10,000
24/02/201817:00The Classic Event #46€11NLH 1R/1A€5,000
24/02/201818:00The Classic Event #47€55NLH Freezeout€5,000
24/02/201819:00The Classic Event #48€33NLH 6 Max Freezeout€3,000
25/02/201815:00The Classic Event #49€22NLH 6 Max Freezeout€4,000
25/02/201816:00The Classic Event #50€5.50NLH Monster Rebuy€7,500
25/02/201817:00The Classic Event Main Event€110NLH Freezeout€50,000
25/02/201818:00The Classic Event Hi Roller€320NLH Freezeout€30,000
25/02/201819:00The Classic Event #51€22NLH R/A€15,000
25/02/201820:00The Classic Event #52€55NLH Bounty€7,500

Reach the final table in any of the Main Events in The Classic and you will be qualified to play in The Classic Millionaire Freeroll on February 27th at 7pm GMT.

The Classic Millionaire Freeroll starting chips are awarded in accordance with your finishing position in the final tables of the Main Events

1st 3,000
2nd 3,000
3rd 3,000
4th 2,000
5th 2,000
6th 2,000
7th 1,000
8th 1,000

The more final tables you reach, you will get more starting chips for the freeroll, so there's even more chances for you to win it.

Win the "The Classic Millionaire Freeroll" and live the fantastic life of a Classic Millionaire in Monaco !

First you will get an exclusive Achievement Badge which nobody else will have and which you can proudly show off at the tables and win the respect of your opponents.

Plus you will win a once in a lifetime trip for two to Monaco worth €10,000.

You will fly to Nice where a helicopter will pick you up and shuttle you to Monaco. Here you'll stay in the luxury of the 5 stars Fairmon Hotel, perfectly placed to experience the city. Outside the hotel the next day will be a choice of a Lamborghini or Ferrari F1 Spider, ready to take you in a trip around the course of the world famous Monaco Grand Prix. Stepping into the slow lane that evening with entrance to the casino and €1,000 to spend, and capped off with dinner at Le Monde de Joel Robuchon, the best and finest restaurant in the city.

Bubble Bursters Freerolls

Bursting the money bubble is never fun which is why we’ve added the Bubble Bursters Freerolls to take the sting out of it.

Each player who bubbles a Mini Classic event, will gain exclusive entry to Mini Bubble Bursters Freeroll on February 13th at 7pm GMT with €1,000 worth of The Classic Main Event tickets to be won.

Players who burst the bubble in any of The Classic Main Events will get exclusive entry to the Bubble Bursters Freeroll on February 27th at 7pm GMT with €2,500 in cash prizes.

Terms and conditions

  1. The promotion runs from January 28th 2018 until February 27th 2018.
  2. All times listed are in GMT.
  3. The winner of the Monaco trip will be contacted within 5 business days of winning and must respond within 72 hours or the prize will be forfeited.
  4. We are not responsible for any adverse effects any participant experiences throughout the use of their prize.
  5. We reserve the right to cancel or amend any instance of any network tournament at any time.
  6. No alternative prizes will be offered.
  7. All prizes are non-transferable.
  8. You may not create more than one account at Redkings. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.
  9. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.
  10. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
  11. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and RedKings Terms and Conditions also apply.