Poker isn’t just about winning money – it’s about the laughs, the new and interesting characters that you meet and the memories you make throughout your poker journey. That’s why we’ve brought you Achievements – a new way to track your progress in poker and give yourself new goals to achieve, targets to reach and challenges to overcome.

T&C's Below Apply,, 18+

How It Works

As you play on the RedKings Microgaming, you’ll earn Achievements to mark notable accomplishments in your poker career. Each Achievement comes with a badge that you can show off at the tables. You don’t need to do anything to opt in to the promotion – it’s automatically available to all players.

Here’s how it works:

There are more than 30 real money Achievements to collect, with many more to be released in the future.

  • Each Achievement comprises one or more tasks. For example, the Rookie Achievement consists of three tasks.
  • To unlock an Achievement, you must complete all of the tasks associated with it. For example, to earn the RookieAchievement, you must complete the following three tasks:
    • Place a bet or blind in a hand of Hold’em
    • Place a bet or blind in a hand of Blaze Poker
    • Place a bet or blind at an Anonymous Table

If you’re playing Hold’em at a Blaze Poker table, you will complete both of the first two tasks simply by actively participating in a real money hand. You can then go play a hand at an Anonymous Table, and hey presto, you’ve earned your first Achievement!

You can complete most tasks in all poker variants, so if you like to play Pot Limit Omaha or even Limit Razz, you won’t miss out. You can also complete most tasks in cash games, sit & gos, or scheduled tournaments. There are a few tasks that require you to play a specific game – for example, Cliché Collector is about collecting iconic Hold’em starting hands, and requires you to play Hold’em, and Oma-holla requires you to play Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. You can play the Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit version of a game to complete tasks or earn an Achievement. Any exclusions or special cases will be stated in the rules text for the task or Achievement.

Tracking Your Progress

You can check on your progress by visiting the My Achievements page in the poker software. Here, you can see the Achievements you have earned and tasks you have completed, along with your progress in any unearned Achievements.

By completing tasks, you also earn Pips – the more difficult the task, the more Pips you earn. Pips are a way of keeping score – the higher your Pip score, the more you have achieved. Why not refer a friend and challenge them to beat your Pip score?

If you think you’ve completed a task but it isn’t showing up in My Achievements, check that you met all of the criteria for that task. It’s common for some types of game, like freerolls and play money games, to be excluded.

Sharing Your Achievements

When you complete a task or unlock an Achievement, a message will appear at the top of the table to let you know. You can share this with your followers on Twitter if you wish.

All Achievements have a unique badge. To show off your skills to other players, you can choose an Achievement badge to display at the tables by visiting the My Achievements page, selecting an Achievement and clicking ‘Set this as my badge’. Unless you choose otherwise, we’ll show the badge you’ve earned most recently.

Note: Badges aren’t shown at Anonymous Tables, but you can still complete tasks and earn Achievements at Anonymous Tables.


If you would rather keep your accomplishments private, visit the Achievements page and select ‘Privacy Settings’.

If you choose to make your Achievements private, other players will not be able to see how many Achievements you have earned or your choice of Achievement badge. In the spirit of fairness, you will also lose the ability to see these details for other players.

Play Money

While poker is a much better game when played for money, we appreciate that not everybody wants to jump in and commit real cash straight away. You can learn about our Achievements in the play money games, and even earn an exclusive Achievement, ‘High Society’, when you reach 10,000 play money chips. In total, there are 4 play money Achievements, comprising 26 tasks. There are a few things you should know however:

  1. You don’t earn Pips by completing play money tasks.
  2. When you play your first real money hand, you become a real money player and will lose the opportunity to earn any further play money Achievements.