Broadway Suit Club – Money Drop

We are giving you the chance to win €10 free every day just by completing our two "Broadway Suit Club" Instant rewards! Get dealt pocket cards AK suited and QJ suited, the Broadway Suit club, to get receive €5 free EACH immediately!

We will give out €5000 to celebrate the long awaited euro-switch of our room, starting on Thursday the 17th of September until all of the allocated €5000 is handed out!

The two Instant Rewards will be activated on your account every day, the trigger to receive the €5 bonus for each is to be dealt pocket AK suited and QJ suited. The bonus will be credited in your account immediately!

Broadway Suit Club €5 Instant Bonus Rules

Each time you are dealt any pocket in Broadway Suit Club – AK suited or QJ suited – on our No Limit Texas Hold'em cash tables at stakes NL20, NL30, NL50, NL100 and NL200 (10c/20c, 15c/30c, 25c/50c, 50c/€1 and €1/€2) you will be receive with an Instant €5 Cash Bonus to your balance. We have a total of €5000 of Bonus Prizes to give away, hurry because when it's gone…. It's gone!

The €5 bonus is credited directly to your balance with no conditions or play through requirements on it.

Terms and conditions

  • Only play on No Limit Texas Hold,em Cash Tables at Stakes NL20, NL30, NL50, NL100 and NL200 (10c/20c, 15c/30c, 25c/50c, 50c/€1 and €1/€2) can qualify for this promotion and bonus.
  • Only one AK suited and QJ suited per day will be rewarded with the €5. The total maximum bonus receivable per day is €10.
  • The Broadway Suit Club Instant Bonus will be available from Thursday September 17th 12:00:00 CET until the total of €5000 have been awarded.
  • The management reserves the right to cancel, deny or suspend the promotion without prior notice.
  • The daily period runs from 00:00:00 CET to 23:59:59 CET