Anti Collusion

We have a team of specially trained people who monitor the tables and transactions for any hint of fraudulent activity such as using stolen credit cards, chip dumping, forgery or collusion.

Our goal is prevention of any kind of unfair play that affects your enjoyment and security, so when it comes to games, each player's cards are sent exclusively to that individual's computer and under no circumstances can they be viewed anywhere else.

For further security, all actions and activities made during a game are logged and saved in our database enabling us to analyze hands and detect suspicious playing patterns or other fraudulent activity.

We investigate every complaint made by players who suspect they may have been negatively affected by collusive gaming. Hand history transcripts for every player are available, detailing exactly how bets were placed in each game as well as the final hands of all players who called the river card.

If you think you have evidence of collusion or fraud at our tables, please contact us immediately. Protecting the integrity of the card room and casino games is one of our top priorities.